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iAluRil® Pre-filled Syringe

iAluRil® is used to temporarily replace the GAG layer in the bladder for symptomatic relief from bladder conditions caused by a deficiency in this protective lining including: Painful Bladder Syndrome (PBS)/Interstitial Cystitis (IC) and cystitis caused by repeat infections, radiation, chemical agents or trauma.

iAluRil® is available both privately and in NHS hospitals via the urology/urogynaecology department. iAluRil® is also available to be prescribed in general practice (listed in the Drug tariff since September 2013).

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Product DescriptioniAluRil® Pre-filled syringe
StrengthSodium Hyaluronate 800mg/50ml (1.6% w/v) Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate 1g/50ml (2% w/v)
Pack Size50ml
Legal CategoryMedical Device
PIP Code355-0506
EAN Code5060209730158
List Price£88.00
Aspire Pharma Product Code1010244
IndicationRe-establish the protective function of the bladder urothelium in cases where the loss of GAG molecules can result in recurring problems and chronic inflammation.