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LECICARBON® A Suppositories

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Product DescriptionLecicarbon A Suppositories
Strength500mg Sodium hydrogen carbonate / 680mg Sodium dihydrogen phosphate
Pack Size10
Legal CategoryP
PIP Code379-5150
EAN Code5060209731049
List Price£8.20
Aspire Pharma Product Code1010222
IndicationLecicarbon A can be used in adults and children over the age of 12.

All forms of frequent constipation (habitual or chronic constipation), especially where the rectal emptying reflex is weak, constipation due to low-fibre food or insufficient exercise (bedridden patients), to ease bowel movements after operations or labour before child birth.

Lecicarbon A can be used to evacuate the bowel prior to surgery or diagnostic procedures (e.g. x-rays, rectoscopy and before childbirth).

Lecicarbon A can also be added if other laxatives have proved ineffective.